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About Testapedia

Testapedia is an ongoing research and development project that provides communications service providers (CSPs) and their technology suppliers with a comprehensive online resource covering the telecom test and measurement industry.

The core component of Testapedia is a comprehensive set of searchable databases covering the companies, products, industry organizations and people that are directly involved in defining and shaping the telecom test and measurement industry. The databases are tied together by a global taxonomy that identifies and defines the entire T&M ecosystem.

In addition, Testapedia includes a research portal that provides registered users with executive summaries covering all research test and measurement research reports created specifically for Testapedia, as well as relevant reports from Heavy Reading.

Testapedia is a strategic and much-needed industry initiative. CSPs and their technology partners are in the midst of implementing massive changes to networks and services, driven by the arrival of technologies like virtualization, 5G and ultrabroadband (UBB) networks. The need for robust and reliable test and measurement solutions has never been greater. Testapedia is a master resource for identifying the companies, products and services that are at the heart of telecom T&M.


Testapedia is set up to enable users to access information from these key points of entry:

  • Taxonomy: A categorized listing of all the processes and equipment that require test and measurement solutions

  • Companies: A directory of all technology suppliers and other partners involved in telecom test and measurement

  • Industry Organizations: A database of the industry groups and initiatives that are defining the telecom test and measurement industry

  • Ecosystems: A listing of the key partnerships that are driving the development of multivendor T&M solutions

  • Products: Descriptions of the products and services that address test and measurement requirements

  • People: A Who's Who of the individuals involved in the test and measurement industry

  • Glossary: A guide to the telecom test and measurement lexicon

The databases are cross-referenced, providing access to relevant listings across the entire Testapedia.

Access to the Testapedia databases is currently open to all users.