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The telecom test and measurement industry is made up of thousands of highly skilled managers, technologists and thought leaders including YOU.

One goal of Testapedia is to compile and maintain a directory of industry professionals who are participating directly in telecom test and measurement. Inclusion in the directory is completely voluntary everyone in the directory has opted in to be part of this unique worldwide community-building effort.

For our listing of the people included in the Testapedia, click here.

Joining the Testapedia community is simple: Just fill in our registration form. On the form, you'll be asked whether you want to be featured in the Testapedia Directory of People. Clicking on that box will let us know that you want to be listed. Note that if you choose not to be listed in the directory, you can still register to get full access to all parts of the Testapedia including the Research Portal with executive summaries of all Heavy Reading test and measurement reports.