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Active Archive Alliance

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Active Archive Alliance

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Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry association formed to educate end user organizations on the evolving new technologies that enable reliable, online and efficient access to archived data. The goal is to align the education and technologies needed to meet the rapidly evolving requirements for data archive. Alliance members strive to extend solutions beyond the high-end supercomputing and broadcast markets to the greater general IT audience that is in need of online data archive options.

As data creation, storage and access requirements continue to grow and evolve, organizations are struggling to meet internal business requirements and externally imposed regulations. No single vendor has the complete product set or resources to solve today's data access demands. The Active Archive Alliance was formed as the data storage industry is in need of a multi-vendor effort to:

* Reduce the complexity of long-term data storage
* Provide scalable storage solutions
* Reduce total cost of ownership
* Reduce risk of non-compliance and data loss

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