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Nexus-3 Wireless Testing

Product Name
Nexus-3 Wireless Testing

3GHz bi-directional RF matrix switch that can accommodate 32x32 ports in a compact 6 RU chassis. The matrix supports MIMO connections. It provides continuous operation over the frequency range of 700 to 2800 MHz and is ideal for testing wireless communication technologies for 4G (LTE, HSPA+) and beyond. Built in programmable attenuators provide ease-of­-use testing of signal fade and emulation of mobility and handoff testing scenarios. Test system configurations can be remotely reconfigured and consistently reproduced in minutes, eliminating the need for time consuming manual patch panel changes that can lead to RF signal loss and unpredictable results.

Features include:

* Solid state switching
* 700 to 2800 MHz frequency range
* Intuitive web browser GUI

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