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SiteBoss 572 (S572)

Product Name
SiteBoss 572 (S572)

Remote cabinet monitoring and control used for cellular or broadband wireless Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). It acts as a DC power distribution unit, and an intelligent means of power for cycling devices attached to its five power outputs to provide reboot ability for equipment experiencing problems in remote locations. It also provides connectivity to remote sites via its optional on-board wireless modem. The S572 supports an on-board scripting language for use in customized applications such as autonomously sequencing the powering up or down of devices at a BTS location based on certain events.

Features include:

* DC power distribution up to 150 Amps at 60VDC
* Manage and monitor up to 12 non-networked serial devices
* 802.1Q VLAN support on both Ethernet ports to help maximize traffic efficiency and administration flexibility

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