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Examine LTE UE Tester

Product Name
Examine LTE UE Tester

LTE tester that provides key functions of traditional UE/modern LTE test equipment, including functional testing, traffic generation and monitoring, deep packet inspection and physical layer health checks across all frequency bands.

Features include:

* Full network-in-a-box including eNodeB and EPC
* Frequency agile, covers all LTE bands up to 3 GHz, FDD & TDD
* Release 8/9, transmission modes 1 & 2
* Deep protocol/packet inspection of signalling and data at PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, S1AP and EMM
* Real-time graphing of up/downlink resource grid RB allocations and uplink RSSI
* Traffic generation and monitoring of data throughput, round-trip and packet loss
* VoLTE support including emergency call testing
* Path-loss simulation
* Built-in FTP and web servers
* API for test automation
* Cybersecurity validation

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