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EAA (Experience Assurance and Analytics)

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EAA (Experience Assurance and Analytics)

Addresses three strategic initiatives of telco cloud service providers: managing the customer experience, evolving to network virtualization (NFV) and exploiting the digital/IoT ecosystem. By pre-integrating MYCOM OSI products and solutions for performance management, fault management, digital service quality management, customer experience, automation/orchestration and network analytics into a collaborative, cloud-native, big data-based platform that is integrated and bound by common resource, mediation and visualization layers, it enables telco cloud service providers to utilize consolidated intelligence to address these challenges. By leveraging network operations as a pivot to drive customer experience, orchestrating hybrid networks in real-time for QoS, using embedded analytics to drive digital/IoT service management, and building proactivity in the NOC/SOC, it arms the CSP to take the challenges of a digital service environment.

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