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A probing and testing system platform offering QoE and QoS for engineering, operations, marketing, CRM and management. The platform offers a view of the user-perceived network, service quality and performance levels. Through network and service monitoring and troubleshooting, prevent customer complaints and provide fast responses and high service quality. Landline and mobile probe types are available, providing both intrusive and non-intrusive measurements that can be reported in real-time (automatically and recursively) to the ArQoS main SW modules. ArQoS may also be easily integrated with third party platforms in order to report KPIs, KQIs and other QoS and QoE parameters.

Features include:

* Web interface with network partitions and access control management
* Creation of automatic test plans
* Cartographical visualization of tests results, performance and quality indicators, network information and events collected and georeferenced by the hardware probes

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