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Quikstress Platform

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Quikstress Platform

An end-to-end VoLTE device lab test automation platform that is designed for lab and live testing. It supports both device pre-launch and device reverse logistics processes. In the pre-launch process the devices are tested with all the applications loaded on the device exercising real end-customer usage scenarios and ensuring there are no adverse impacts on user experience under varying network and device stress conditions. In the device post-launch process, the platform is designed to identify and troubleshoot customer experienced issues at the point of sale or to reduce the No Fault Found (NFF) devices at the repair centers. The platform includes an eNobeB Playground Controller with the LTE emulators and test controller.

Features include:

* Manual control for debugging
* Optional Android UE and test equipment test automation
* Supported on two LTE network emulators
* Open code IMS implementation
* Create own test scenarios
* Create custom error code scenarios over LTE and IMS
* Logging of messages
* Translation of IMS logs with W2BI SIP-Shark
* Comprehensive training
* W2BI-ADVANTEST post installation support

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