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CFA-24 Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch

Product Name
CFA-24 Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch

A Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch that is a transparent, electrically neutral switching device that allows up to 24 incoming cable farm lines to be switched to five different loop segments. Operating in a frequency band up to 212 MHz, it is suited to lab-grade testing of next-gen devices in which live crosstalk is required, such as VDSL2 vectoring or performance testing. Ideal for ID-337 Certification and TR-249 VDSL2 vectoring testing.

* Use additional units to expand the number of segments and channels
* Multiple vectoring groups per unit or across multiple units
* Colocated and non-colocated test configurations
* Connect cables once and then switch programmatically
* Automatically terminates unused channels and/or segments
* Micro-interruptions
* Supports reverse powering for
* Low crosstalk/low insertion loss
* Control/power via power over Ethernet (POE)
* Embed remote commands in scripts, such as TCL and Python

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