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Axtrinet 40Gbps Ethernet Packet Generator

Product Name
Axtrinet 40Gbps Ethernet Packet Generator

40GbE QSFP+ & Direct Attach
10GbE SFP+ & Direct Attach

Transmit Control
Full wire-speed 40Gbps and 10Gbps ports
8x user configurable independent streams per port
Packet transmit rate control up to 100%
Transmit burst control (single, burst, continuous)
User Configurable Packet Headers
Up to 10 stacked headers per port
Configurable fields with auto-increment / decrement and fixed modes
Variable length tag field
Variable length stateless header
User Configurable Payload
Fixed / incrementing / random payload
User configurable 64 byte -16K byte packet length
Optional timestamp, sequence number and packet signature

Real-Time Statistics (per Port)
Transmit Packets, Bytes, Rate
Receive Packets, Bytes, Rate
Receive CRC Errors, Rate
Fragments, Undersize, Byte Ranges
User configurable counters

Packet Capture
Wire-speed packet capture (16KB) from any port
Shared 1GByte capture buffer
4x User definable filters per port

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