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Redcell Broadscope: PM Analysis

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Redcell Broadscope: PM Analysis

Provides automated end-to-end network performance management of 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Plays a fundamental role in ensuring optimum performance in a highly dynamic mobile environment and provides operators with both a near-real-time view, as well as a historical analysis, to all wireless network performance metrics in a web-based user interface.
Supports legacy 2G and 3G networks using sophisticated data collectors and storage mechanisms to collect performance data from network element operational measurement reports and call detail record (CDR). Provides a complete view of both the network's perspective of performance and the user's experience. All traditional traffic measurement and analysis capabilities are supported, including Erlang and mathematic operators necessary to compile reports. Gives network operators complete control over what reports are needed and how they are viewed. Provides powerful performance management capabilities for 4G/LTE networks and the IP environment utilized to connect them with the core application servers and the internet. Provides the foundation functionality for self-optimization (SON) capabilities in both the non-standards based legacy environment and also in the standards based (3GPP) SON environment.

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