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NetOmnia Ethernet Assurance

Product Name
NetOmnia Ethernet Assurance

End-to-end MEF compliant Ethernet service monitoring. Helps communications service providers (CSPs) monitor and assure bandwidth availability and deliver on differentiating SLAs with performance monitoring and visibility into service and network performance. CSPs monitor a multi-vendor hardware environment, collect metrics, create customized, on-demand KPIs/KQIs, proactively detect problems, understand the customer impact of bandwidth availability and manage customer SLAs with detailed SLA performance reporting for key Ethernet service quality metrics (SQMs) such as availability, delay, jitter, throughput and packet loss.

Features include:

* SLA management
* Monitoring of end-to-end Metro Ethernet services
* Support for traffic management/shaping metrics
* Layer 2 Ethernet Service Discovery and Topology Mapping
* Service level visualization, fault correlation and isolation

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