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T-NOVA introduces an enabling framework that allows operators to deploy virtualized Network Functions (NFs) for their own needs but also to offer them to their customers as value-added services. Virtual network appliances (gateways, proxies, firewalls, transcoders, analyzers, etc.) can be provided on-demand as-a-Service, eliminating the need to acquire, install and maintain specialized hardware at customers’ premises.

For these purposes, T-NOVA will design and implement a management/orchestration platform for the automated provision, configuration, monitoring and optimization of Network Functions-as-a-Service (NFaaS) over virtualized Network/IT infrastructures. T-NOVA leverages and enhances cloud management architectures for the elastic provision and reallocation of IT resources assigned to the hosting of Network Functions. It also exploits and extends Software Defined Networking (SDN) platforms for efficient management of the network infrastructure.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the involvement of diverse actors in the NFV scene and attract new market entrants, T-NOVA establishes a NFV Marketplace in which network services and Functions by several developers can be published and brokered or traded. Via the Marketplace, customers can browse and select the services and virtual appliances that best match their needs, as well as negotiate the associated SLAs and be charged under various billing models. A novel business case for NFV is thus introduced and promoted.

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Dr. Anastasios Kourtis

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