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A comprehensive listing of telecom test and measurement products and services
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Eurobites: Ekholm Takes the Reins at Ericsson
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Cornerstone negotiations; 1.4 million raised for voice-call app for deaf people; tumbleweed in London's Tech City; the Internet of Posh Shirts.
Next Plugfest Gets Closer to Market
The next plugfest will lead into the certification process for commercial products, which some service providers will start deploying shortly thereafter -- in just a few months' time.
AT&T: Security Needs to Be at Machine Speed
The response to cyber attacks has to be faster and more efficient, according to AT&T's top security poobah.
Application Containers Poised for Growth
The application containers market remains relatively small, but that's about to change, according to a report from 451 Research. By 2020, this segment of the cloud market is expected to be worth more than $2.7 billion, with more enterprises and developers willing to invest and adopt the technology.
Elastic Visibility Into Your Clouds Without the Strain
As companies virtualize, too many fail to bring anywhere near the same rigor to monitoring their cloud services that they'd applied to their physical networks -- and that's playing with fire.
M&A Prospects in T&M 2017
Will test and measurement companies get infected with the M&A frenzy we've seen in other sectors?
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Upcoming Webinars
Test & Measurement: Five Hot Buttons for 2017
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 12:00 p.m. New York / 5:00 p.m. London

2017 will be a year of significant change for many operators. Efforts to virtualize network functions and increase levels of automation; projects to upgrade fixed and mobile networks with new access technologies; and the need to manage evolving types and patterns of traffic will all leading to significant infrastructure upheaval. Against this backdrop, operators still need to ensure customers are getting what they pay for, which means their test and measurement activities need to alter too. Meanwhile, the T&M industry itself is being subjected to some of these changes: for instance, replacement of hardware probes with virtual probes, and the automation of test procedures.

This webinar will look at hot themes in test and measurement in the coming year, and what these will mean for operators.

Archived Webinars
Test in the Era of Virtualization
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 12:00 p.m. New York / 4:00 p.m. London

Communications networks are being virtualized because virtualization provides remarkable benefits. Virtualization complicates operations, however. The responsibility for dealing with many of those complications falls on test & measurement companies.

Even some of the network operators who are virtualizing as quickly as technology allows have not anticipated some of these issues. In this one-hour discussion, four leading T&M companies will not only identify the hidden pitfalls of virtualization, but talk about some of the best ways to side-step them. Industry collaboration is key to developing NFV testing and validation techniques that provide carriers with the assurance needed to move virtualization technologies from the lab to production. The importance of active, software-based test and service assurance becomes even greater as operators must ensure that their services are delivered right the first time and any issues can be detected in real-time in an end-to-end manner. Automation will be a key enabler of service agility. And at the end of the day -- or more accurately, at the edge of a virtualized network -- signal integrity will remain critical.

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How to Use Testapedia
Here's how to best use the resources in Testapedia.
Simplification for VeEX
Ricardo Torres, VeEX's director of product marketing, on the upcoming trend of the telecom industry and what VeEX is doing to face the challenge.
John Hoadley of Sonus on Voice-over-LTE
Sonus's John Hoadley explains how his company's voice-over-WiFi solutions can help operators make the transition to voice-over-LTE.
Pierre Lynch of Ixia Shares Insights on Virtualization
Ixia's Pierre Lynch discusses the impact of virtualization on testing and more.
Assuring Network Quality in a Rapidly Changing Environment
As the rate of change and complexity increases in agile networks, the importance of introducing DevOps methodologies for integrating active test and assurance solutions throughout the full service lifecycle becomes critical to ensure that customers are experiencing the service quality they demand.
Meeting the Gigabit Challenge
Learn how Viavi is helping operators ensure reliable gigabit services.
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