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Naverisk RMM for Desktop, Laptop and Server Management

Product Name
Naverisk RMM for Desktop, Laptop and Server Management

Provides monitoring, device irregularities alerting, ticketing and workflow automation. Using RMM allows monitoring, management and maintenance of Windows, Linux and Mac OS servers, workstations and laptops.

Features include:

* Monitoring operating system event logs
* Network scanning and IP monitoring
* SNMP discovery and monitoring
* Automating Windows patching and updates
* Deploying individual and device-level patching
* Scheduling reboots, maintenance windows and system scans
* Monitoring Microsoft Exchange, small business and SQL server configurations
* Executing batch, PowerShell and DOS commands remotely
* Implementing scripts and software deployment across multiple devices
* Installing, monitoring and updating antivirus and anti-malware
* Managing backup and disaster recovery solutions

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