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System Sustainment

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System Sustainment

Supports on-going operation, maintenance and system sustainment of critical infrastructures and systems to maximize the lifecycle of equipment. GC&E works with customers to assess systems, determine OEM preventive, corrective and demand maintenance requirements and activities, as well as other applicable considerations. The offering identifies performance metrics, develops maintenance schedules and procedures, and establishes quality standards and maintain records. Develops system specific Continuity of Operations Plans, and provides and offers customers the services of Fast Incident Response and Evaluation (FIRE) Team. This team consists of personnel with the required technical disciplines, expertise and experience to quickly assess and restore critical voice, data and video systems following a man-made or natural disaster. The following is a list of System Sustainment Services we provide:

* Life-Cycle Management Assessments
* Development Preventive Maintenance Plans
* Performance of Routine, Demand and Preventive Maintenance
* Systems Management and Monitoring
* System Operations and Maintenance
* Continuity of Operations Planning
* Fast Incident Response and Evaluation (FIRE) Team

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