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IMS LTE Developer Suite

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IMS LTE Developer Suite

Advanced building blocks for developing IMS and VoLTE-compliant products that include signaling and media protocols. It offers a standards-based roadmap for IMS/VoLTE compliancy including 3GPP/3GPP2, LTE, VoLTE, TISPAN, GSMA, PacketCable and WiMAX standards. Components include: IMS Megaco/H.248 toolkit, IMS advanced RTP/RTCP toolkit and IMS diameter toolkit. The IMS Megaco/H.248 toolkit is designed for decomposed gateway architectures for developing Media Gateways or Media Gateway Controller applications. The IMS advanced RTP/RTCP toolkit addresses the requirements of sending media over IP networks in an efficient manner. The IMS diameter toolkit is an extensible messaging protocol enabling Authentication, Authorization and Accounting within and across IP multimedia networks that relies on secure and reliable transports.

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