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LTE library for software-defined radio applications. It supports both eNodeB and UE and is highly modular with minimal inter-module or external dependencies. It is available under both commercial and open-sources licenses.

Features include:

* LTE Release 8 compliant
* FDD configuration
* Tested bandwidths: 1.4, 3, 5 and 10 and 20 MHz
* Transmission mode 1 (single antenna) and 2 (transmit diversity)
* Cell search and synchronization procedure for the UE
* All DL channels/signals (UE and eNodeB): PSS, SSS, PBCH, PCFICH, PHICH, PDCCH, PDSCH
* All UL channels/signals (UE-only): PRACH, PUSCH, PUCCH, SRS
* Frequency-based ZF and MMSE equalizers
* MATLAB and OCTAVE MEX library generation for many components

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