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BreezeCompact 1000

Product Name
BreezeCompact 1000

A software-defined base station that offers an alternative to wireless broadband. The all-outdoor, high-capacity 4G broadband base station can be easily mounted on buildings, poles, rooftops, towers – in virtually any deployment scenario with superior NLOS (No Line of Sight) using 4Tx4Rx Radio. The BreezeCompact 1000 includes the BreezeWAY 1010, which is an embedded EPC functionality on the BreezeCOMPACT hardware, suitable for distributed core architecture and capable of serving up to 500 connected subscribers. The combination of BreezeCOMPACT and BreezeWAY 1010 creates a unique LTE “network-in-a-box” solution.

Features include:

* Carrier aggregation
* Multi-User MIMO
* 4×4 MIMO
* Dual Sector
* Embedded EPC
* Spectrum Analyzer
* DCS (for unlicensed bands)

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