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Cracker Professional Edition

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Cracker Professional Edition

A dedicated VoIP load tester with SIP over TLS as standard, that allows verification of the maximum number of voice calls for the System Under Test (SUT), for call setups, sustained calls and call failures, or any mixture of the three. It provides the ability to send call setup signaling (INVITEs) and background signaling traffic, such as OPTIONS and NOTIFY messages. Transport Protocols supported include UDP, TCP and TLS, with both RTP and Secure RTP (sRTP) media also possible. It is available as a cloud service (SaaS) solution or as an on-premise installation site entirely inside an end-customerís private IP network or DMZ. It provides a GUI and command line interface to allow test scripts to be created, stored and scheduled.

Features include:

* T/D-DOS agent testing
* SPIT agent testing
* Nuisance calling
* End point rebooting
* SIP parser stressing
* SIP load testing
* SIP over TLS stress testing

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