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4902 Universal Noise Generator

Product Name
4902 Universal Noise Generator

Ideal for physical-layer testing of DPUs, DSLAMs, CPEs and chipsets. Applications include ID-337 certification, vendor trials and R&D.

* Bandwidth 20 kHz to 300 MHz
* Suitable for wide range of applications, including VDSL2 Vectoring and testing
* Crest Factor greater than 5
* High degree of accuracy
* Expandable, modular design
* High-density version holds up to 6 (2 or 4-port) AWG cards for a maximum of 24 AWG outputs
* Portable version holds up to 4 (2 or 4-port) AWG cards for a maximum of 16 AWG outputs
* Inject crosstalk and impulse noise combined
* Independent control of each AWG output
* Select from common crosstalk types, such as ADSL, VDSL2 and
* Standardized impulse noises, such as REIN, SHINE, PEIN and Switching Power Supply noise
* Real-world measured impulse noises for
* Specify NEXT, FEXT and number of disturbers
* Add in RFI and AWGN at variable levels
* Specify impedance, sampling rate and DUT location
* Optional noise modules setup and run all tests in standard automatically
* Design custom loops with Loop Configuration Editor
* Save custom noise files or entire configurations to repeat tests
* Import MATLAB (.mat), CSV or Excel (.xls) noise files
* Remote control via Ethernet
* Adjust amplitude of crosstalk and impulse noise
* specific noise

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