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System includes a compact measurement head — the LDU 50 — which is installed in any host or remote exchange. The test head, deployed throughout the network, has the capability to support on-demand, reactive testing, as well as proactive routining for early trouble identification or bulk qualification. The LDU 50 accesses each copper loop via the test access facilities of the switch or through a Test Access Matrix (TAM). Each LDU 50 is capable of
performing the necessary measurements to support broadband deployment and service assurance, as well as traditional voice service assurance. The system includes the Test System Controller (TSC), an industry-standard platform that provides interfaces for the service provider’s support personnel and Operations Support Systems (OSS). Each TSC supports testing and results analysis and archival for up to 1 million assigned lines. For larger networks, multiple TSCs seamlessly network together for total test coverage.

* Service assurance traditional PSTN/broadband
* Broadband qualification for service speeds (1.5 Mbps/4 Mbps) or service types
* Broadband provisioning
* Identify DSL-specific signatures
* Shorter call handling times
* Fewer repeat calls
* Increased dispatch/repair efficiency
* Accurate broadband qualification
* Real time service provisioning verification
* Natural language dispatch statements
* Detailed measurement results
* Service qualification summaries
* OSS integration

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