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Tera Santa Consortium

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Tera Santa Consortium



Tera Santa Consortium's goal is to develop the world’s first Terabit Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)-based optical network. Fueled by the ever-growing demand for bandwidth, a low cost, compact and high performance Terabit Transponder solution will answer this market need with optimized bandwidth utilization and increased capacity for multi-service applications.

The focus of the consortium activity is on the development of OFDM-based optical transmission technology and to research, develop and prototype a Terabit optical networking platform. This technology will be used to develop innovative techniques to handle coherent optical links and will explore the operational and performance impact that coherent technology’s new degrees of freedom will have on optical networking. The research will yield the building blocks for commercial Terabit optical networks for metro and long haul market segments.

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