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CloudBand Ecosystem Program

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CloudBand Ecosystem Program



CloudBand Ecosystem is a network functions virtualization (NFV) community that works to accelerate NFV development and implementation. It includes service providers, NFV platform partners and virtual network function vendors that exchange ideas, exploring new possibilities and collaborate on effective ways to use NFV.

The program provides open access to the CloudBand NFV platform, as well as resources and tools for onboarding virtualized applications. It allows joint promotion of successful and relevant use cases and offers access to previously tested use cases and solution ideas for advancing the deployment and business case for NFV.

The community has been contributing to the adoption of NFV since 2013 by implementing proof of concepts (PoCs) involving its members. The program promotes NFV deployment in a production environment, which requires more robust and thorough tests and integrations.

CloudBand certification offers virtualized network functions (VNF) vendors a rigorous and systematic framework for testing and validating VNFs over the CloudBand NFV platform. The program also lets service providers select from a catalog of pre-validated VNFs, helping speed and simplify the deployment of commercial NFV projects.

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