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NetProbe 2000 PDH E1 T1 Tester

Product Name
NetProbe 2000 PDH E1 T1 Tester

Handheld analyzer for physical testing E1 and E3 in PDH networks. Automated line monitoring performs auto-check of essential alarms and errors.

Features include:

* Supports T1, E1 testing
* Optional T3, E3 testing
* Combines legacy PDH/TDM interfaces with IP network testing
* Full rate Wi-Fi access and optional test across 802.11 b/g/n/bluetooth
* Datacom DTE and DCE BERT testing on RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, V.35 and co-dir 64kb
* T1/E1 BERT, G.821, G,826, RFC 1406 and M.2100 analysis
* Histograms for errors and alarms
* nx56/64kb round trip delay
* T1/E1 pulse mask verification
* VNC based remote control via LAN, WAN and Internet

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